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Steep (Xbox One)


If you ever dreamed about being a winter daredevil in the Alps, you should try Steep. This extreme winter sports simulator gives you an amazing open world to explore and pull off stunts. Unique expansive mountain ranges, including the peaks of Alaska from their latest free update, really offer an inspiring environment to explore and find your way down. It’s time to face these challenges, so suit up and let’s go.

Choose your style to conquer the mountain. Steep offers four different ways to explore the mountain: Skiing, Snowboarding, Wingsuits, and Paragliding. Each one has a unique learning curve and a different exploration style, challenging even the most experienced gamers.

Single and multiplayer game modes: Sometimes, it is about you vs. the mountain, while sometimes you want to share the adrenaline with your friends. Hey, going downhill at breakneck speeds is more fun as a group activity - right?

Use your creativity and find your own path down the mountain. Numerous safe pathways safely lead you down the mountain. But some are treacherous. Find your way down and share your favorite custom routes with your friends. Test your reflexes and focus with intense challenges. Steep is easy to learn but hard to master. Will you manage to figure out the challenge and prove that you are the king of the mountain?

Create memorable in-game moments and share them - Some stunts are simply better than others, and Steep offers you the option to save those and even share them through social media.

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Steep (Xbox One)

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